Keynote Talk at the Kuwaiti Government’s Conference on Knowledge Economy

(Interview with Kuwaiti Al Rai TV) Prof. Allam Ahmed, the Founding President of WASD, has participated in the Kuwaiti government’s 2016 national conference about knowledge economy entitled “Contemporary Roles of Governments in the Knowledge Economy Era”, which took place between the 1st and 2nd of February 2016 in Kuwait. In addition to WASD, other international organisations that participated in the conference were the World Bank and UNDP. The conference was structured in three main sessions, each of them followed by discussions: Session I: Government’s roles in underpinning and promotion of the knowledge economy environment. Session II: Driving towards effective development plan based more >>


Sudan National Council for Research (NCR), Khartoum, Sudan 2015

Knowledge Transfer in Sudan Ranked 167 out of 188 countries in terms of development by UNDP in 2015, Sudan is classified a country with low human development, and has been for many years. However, at a recent conference in Sudan organised by the Sudanese Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, Prof. Allam Ahmed gave a keynote speech on how countries like Sudan can attain sustainable development without a strong technological and knowledge base. In his speech, Prof. Ahmed highlighted the need for a new partnership to bridge the knowledge divide, especially in relation to the way the development sector approaches selection, management and use more >>


Executive Leadership: concepts, skills and practice

Three Days Intensive Workshop This three-day course has been designed to introduce a variety of perspectives on leadership in the public and private sector. The course aims to enable leaders and decision makers to introduce fit-for-purpose leadership styles and approaches to their organisations. At the end of the course attendees should be able to acquire a comprehensive knowledge and practical experience about leadership styles and approaches in alignment with the local needs and capabilities. Moreover, after competition of the course, attendees to write a report, supported by the tutor, of what they have learnt and what is particularly relevant to more >>


Knowledge Management

Four Days Intensive Workshop This four-day course has been designed to introduce a variety of perspectives on knowledge management (KM) and leadership in the public and private sector. What are the objectives? Addresses the practical challenges that managers face as they seek to build, upgrade and exploit knowledge assets within their organizations Explore the different perspectives on KM Debate the importance and value of managing knowledge within your organization Align KM thinking with broader, more traditional strategic approaches Using participants’ own organizations as cases, participants will explore how and when they can establish KM initiatives in their organizations and who more >>


Leadership, Investment Promotion and Entrepreneurship Development: concepts, strategy and practice

This three-day executive workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to assess the investment environment in which your organizations are operating, whether public or private. It will also assist you to identify and apply a range of measures in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your institution. The workshop involves an introduction to the driving forces of foreign direct investment and the current trends; the characteristics of a sound investment environment; investment promotion policies, and in particular the role of investment promotion agencies; best practices in investment promotion as well as enterprise development policies, principles and more >>


Kuwait University, Kuwait City, Kuwait 2013

(2013 Kuwait City, Kuwait) “Managing Knowledge for Sustainable Development in Arab Countries”, Kuwait University  Managing Knowledge for Sustainable Development in Arab Countries Kuwait University 17-Feb-2013

Conference Chair

University of Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom 2013

(2013 Brighton, UK) “Towards a Sustainable Knowledge-Based Economy in the Middle East & North Africa”, University of Brighton  Towards a Sustainable Knowledge-Based Economy in the Middle East & North Africa One Day International Conference Wednesday 30th January 2013 University of Brighton and Sussex Aims and Objectives The conference aims to critically discuss a range of issues relating to the role of academics and professionals in supporting and enhancing the process of transforming the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to advanced, knowledge-based societies led by sustainable innovation and social advance. The conference will also discuss the major obstacles more >>

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Emirate of Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2011

(2011 Abu Dhabi, UAE) “Managing Knowledge and Innovation in the 21st Century and the Roadmap to Sustainability in the Arab Countries”, Emirate of Abu Dhabi  Knowledge Management Conference entitled “Managing Knowledge and Innovation in the 21st Century and the Roadmap to Sustainability in the Arab Countries”, Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA), Government of Abu Dhabi, 23 October 2011, Abu Dhabi – UAE The presentation explores the Government of Abu Dhabi major Knowledge Management Project – first of its kind in the Middle East – “Musharaka – Excellence through Knowledge”. Musharaka is the first complete KM Framework to be launched in UAE and the Arab more >>

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