Dr. Alma Swan, Key Perspectives Ltd, UK

In a world economy increasingly built on a knowledge base, managing knowledge capital is key to success for organisations. Doing this well means paying attention to both human and technological capital: knowledge comes from both. But creating, exploiting and managing knowledge well within companies of all sizes is not simply a matter of ensuring that good people and excellent systems are in place. It requires a planned programme of management and, critically, an integrative approach. This book defines the conditions necessary for implementing a properly integrated knowledge management initiative in an organisation. It offers practical, workable advice on developing the optimal conditions for knowledge management, including the issue of securing that all-important buy-in from management and staff. And it focuses strongly on how to develop an integrative, systematic approach. Rooted in the academic literature, and illustrated by studies of complex international organisations that face huge challenges in terms of managing and optimising the value of knowledge to bring success, the authors have developed a practical knowledge management framework that can be applied in any organisational setting. Of course, many organisations successfully pass through the initial implementation phases of a knowledge management programme, but fall at hurdles later in the course because the right attention is not paid to the issue on a long term basis. How many organisations do we all know of who have done exactly this? It is investment wasted and, often, a loss of organisational confidence in its ability to manage the issue. The book addresses this, too, with a substantial section addressed to sustainability and the longer term. In all, there are solutions offered here to issues of great importance in modern organisations, issues that will only grow in significance. Organisations that are serious about marshalling and exploiting their knowledge capital will welcome this kind of help.
Alma Swan, PhD MBA
Director, Key Perspectives Ltd
Director, SPARC Europe
United Kingdom