Expert Advisor for the European Commission for Science & Technology

Expert Advisor for International Scientific Cooperation for 7th Framework Programme, Advisor for EU Commission for Science & Technology, Belgium (2006-2008)

I was selected by Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for Science and Research, to join the Expert Advisory Group for International Scientific Cooperation for 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. My role was to:

  • Provide consistent and consolidated advice to the Commission services regarding the “Activities of International Cooperation” of the Capacities Specific Programme.
  • Advice the Commission on strategy, relevant objectives and scientific and technological priorities, and the topics on which proposals are to be invited.
  • Provide an overview and advice on international cooperation across the whole FP7 and also assist in enriching reflections on “specific cooperation actions with third countries” of the Cooperation Programme.
  • More specifically, among others advice on what the interactions should be between the Capacities programme and the themes in the Cooperation programme in terms of “Specific co-operation actions”.
  • Provide suggestions regarding policy issues relevant to international cooperation in the Capacities programme.
  • Provide a written input to the Commission on a yearly basis, which will be used in the preparation of the annual work programme.