Government of Sudan, Khartoum, Sudan 2013

Building Capacity for a Sustainable Knowledge-Based Economy in Sudan

First Knowledge Economy Conference, Khartoum, Sudan
Government of Sudan
3rd June 2013

Sudan is facing a daunting challenge in diversifying its economy. A diverse economy for the Sudan would mean huge benefits for the country in terms of economic growth, global market reach and less dependence on a single commodity sector. This conference is timely from the country’s need to examine the current status, a necessary step for realization of new prospects and adoption and application of future policies and programs. The conference aimed to assess Sudan’s position with regard to implementation of the Knowledge Economy (KE) pillars and to evaluate the country’s performance in terms of transition to a KE and global competitiveness. The concept “Knowledge Economy” is currently utilized to describe an economy that creates, disseminates, and uses knowledge to enhance its growth and development. According to the World Bank, a successful KE is characterized by close links between academic science and industrial technology, empowered by increased education and lifelong learning, and greater investment in intangibles such as research and development (R&D) and software. It places greater importance on innovation for economic growth and competitiveness. This conference focused on the question what do policy makers in Sudan actually need to know about the knowledge-based economy and the underlying boundlessness of the concept of knowledge-based economy. Also what policy makers need to do inorder to raise awareness about economic diversification with particular focus on the fundamental concepts of a KE across the private and the public sectors aiming of turning the economy into a KE. The conference was an opportunity for policy makers, academics, government officials, students to get together and share their knowledge as a first step toward a transformational plan that they can tailor to suit their unique circumstances for a sustainable future in Sudan.