Dr. Hend A. Al Muftah, Childhood Cultural Centre, Qatar

The non-stop overload of data in our organizations is making knowledge management increasingly more important. Three key reasons why actively managing knowledge is important to any organization’s sustainable development and success: 1) Facilitates decisionmaking capabilities, 2) Builds learning organizations, and, 3) Stimulates cultural change and innovation. With special reference to the latter, the presented SMART model of KM in this book shows that KM becomes part of the organizational culture through the appropriate integration with number of organization facets as strategy, management system, ICT, and support services. Therefore, I find the book very informative and guiding for policy makers specifically to develop and strengthen their strategic thinking decision-making process regarding KM initiatives within their organization.

Dr. Hend A. Al Muftah
Associate Professor, Qatar University
Executive Director, Childhood Cultural Centre
Doha, Qatar