Ahlia University, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain 2014

(2014 Manama, Bahrain) “Innovation and Development: The Role of Human Capital”, Ahlia University

Innovation is a key driver of knowledge creation and economic growth. It empowers individuals, groups and organizations to find solutions to social and economic challenges. In Bahrain, as well as in the rest of the Gulf countries, job creation, economic diversification and the act of inventing new products and services are increasingly seen as vital for the future development of the region. Policymakers seek to ensure that national economies benefit from the information revolution by building capacity for the creation of new ideas, technologies, organizational know-how and innovation. Ideas, knowledge and information are exchanged, utilized and disseminated through modern technologies to empower domestic enterprises and national economies. In recent years, the increasing focus on knowledge has encouraged public and private institutions to invest in the development of new products and new technologies to gain competitive advantage and sustain economic growth.

The objective of this seminar is to highlight the importance of innovation and human capital development in the new economy. We are truly confident that this seminar will have a profound impact on the way in which people think about their future contribution to social and economic development and also to the way enterprises think about investing in new ideas and new methods to increase productivity and enhance competition. The seminar is to stimulate our creative thinking and enhance our capabilities to contribute to the growth and development of the Bahraini economy.

Attending this seminar is an opportunity for businesses, policy makers, academics, government officials, students to get together and share their knowledge about innovation and the role of talent management as well as building the IT professionals for the IT job markets.