Professor John Adams, British University in Egypt Cairo, Egypt

This book [Smart KM Model: An Integrated Knowledge Management Framework for Organizational Excellence] is very timely for several reasons. It brings together, in a concise and clear format, the key concepts and theoretical bases of knowledge management, a subject which many people including academics struggle to define well. This in itself is a major feature of this book. The subject itself is clearly explained and is focused on establishing a working framework for any organisation that is interested in implementing knowledge management systems. In one Chapter the authors have identified why knowledge management can fail and why and when it will succeed – this is very useful to practitioners who are looking for guidance on investing in and implementing a KM system. This is further aided by the use of eleven case studies of KM drawn from a very wide range of companies and organisations. The case studies are very informative and concise enabling the reader to get a real taste of the variety of approaches to implementing and using a KM system. This book also identifies a very fundamental requirement of any KM system – it must be consistent with the culture of the organisation. This fundamental point is usually forgotten and is very often a key reason for the failure of KM. Chapter 7 introduces the Smart KM model developed from the analysis in previous Chapters and again the focus is on the practical design of KM and its implementation. This is a very useful book and will most certainly engage the reader from start to finish.

Professor John Adams
Head Department of Economics
The British University in Egypt
Cairo, Egypt