H. E. John Chrysostom A. Nsambu, Minister of State for ICT, Uganda

Finally, a group of Professors, learned men and women have come together to address the issues of poverty, ignorance and disease through this volume. As Minister of State for ICT, I find this book awakening our minds, as leaders, to the importance of science and technology in our journey, as Africans, towards development. I wish to add that the key starting point, to fully implement what has been so carefully suggested in this volume, is the education of primary and secondary school children and teaching them how to use the keyboard and how to hold the mouse at an early age so that the computer becomes part of these children’s lives. It is always painful to see a very brilliant African student wasting valuable study time, which should be used for innovation projects, still struggling to find where letters are on the keyboard! This is why African leaders must advocate for IT penetration through schools and universities so that young people grow up using computers as part and parcel of their lives. Only then will such people be able to innovate and come up with applicable technologies to change people’s lives.

H. E. John Chrysostom A. Nsambu
Minister of State for ICT