Dr. Michael Sutton, Westminster College Salt Lake City, USA

The keys to sustainable competitive advantage are seldom embedded in a Knowledge Management (KM) Framework. The ephemeral and dynamic nature of knowledge, (especially in the health care sector, tourism, financial services, and the education sector), often diminishes the imperative to plan for sustainable economic growth. In fact, a systemic lack of understanding regarding sustainability and its deployment in practice has often resulted in tokenistic references to sustainable strategies and objectives. Dr. Allam Ahmed and Mr. Mohamed Elhag have created an innovative Smart KM Model to promote both KM and its sustainability. The SMART KM Model integrates rigourous suite of elements that can drive organizational performance and excellence. The framework is quite simple, as compared to many KM frameworks that are currently in vogue. Moreover, the volume of case studies described by the authors provides a rich knowledge base for new professionals who need to become quickly familiar with examples of KM deployments. Dr. Ahmed and Mr. Elhag begin many of the chapters with the questions that often vex new KM managers, sponsors, and stakeholders. Such an approach helps to guide the reader into greater insight about the knowledge-based economy, organizational learning, KM integration, culture, strategic alignment, transformation management, and governance. An easy to grasp KM lifecycle furnishes the foundation for discerning the four stages: 1) initiation, 2) development, 3) deployment and business change management, and lastly, but most importantly, 4) sustainability. Useful checklists are provided throughout to direct the reader in the pragmatic application of the Smart KM Model. Finally, the Business Components Chapter outlines significant best practices and lessons learned for the reader in order to help the reader avoid barriers and embrace successful processes. My business and MBA learners will benefit immensely from this significant addition to the KM Body of Knowledge (BOD).

Dr. Michael Sutton, CMC, AdmA, ISP, MIT
Knowledge Activist in Higher Education
Associate Professor
Management Department, Westminster College
Salt Lake City, UT, United States