Stuart Green, American Express, UK

In today’s fast paced and global business environment it’s difficult to imagine the days when transferring information was tedious and protracted. Since the dawn of the technological era, some thirty years or more ago, we’ve possessed the necessary tools to transfer, store and manage information. What we have yet to master fully is how to manage that information, or better still, how to extract the knowledge held within and generate incremental business value. Some of the youthful more nimble organisations have achieved this competently, and prospered as a result. Often the problem isn’t a lack of technology or investment; however a number of larger older organisations have attempted to formalise their knowledge management strategy with wavering success. Those that have succeeded created a competitive advantage above their rivals and did this by learning from their knowledge, enforcing structure and measurement and by building a knowledge management system with business outcomes in mind. Throughout my twenty year career working in large global companies I have seen many attempts fail at creating this level of focus, and until this book, I have not found a resource that provides a straightforward yet powerful model to assist. The SMART KM framework presented in this new book will save organisations of all sizes, many hours of frustration and wasted effort by the introduction of an accessible model to foster a robust knowledge management approach. The well known authors are at the leading edge of this relatively new and underdeveloped discipline, and have left no stone unturned to bring a thorough and straightforward framework to drive success in your organisation. If you are responsible for designing a new knowledge management program within your organisation, or have been tasked to shape up an existing monolithic knowledge management system—this book will become your go to resource and the last book you need to read on this subject. Furthermore, I encourage all business leaders of large human capital organisations to read this book and discover the untapped potential that is already within your organisations’ tacit knowledge.

Stuart Green
World Service Capabilities, Service Network Engineering
American Express
Brighton, United Kingdom